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About us

We are Mariana and Paula, two sisters from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both are graduated in Architecture, and for matters of our life, we decided to work making and selling crafts.

Knitting as work

Some years ago, in a very cold day, we were in our stained glass shop in a craft fair, knitting a hat and a scarf for ourselves in the meanwhile, when a lady who sold knits ask us to knit for her shop. From there to open our first online shop was only a step and in this way was born branda.

Now, we  are trying to strengthen our online position by opening this new shop, offering our products in a more direct way.

The name of our shop is a tribute to our "nonna" (granny) Hildebranda, to her who to taught us how to knit, Branda.

We love to knit, classic clothing accessories, usually following our own designs, with natural yarns.

Most of our garments are from our own design and we incorporate fashion or traditional ideas when we believe that fits  our style. We propose classical models, urban, ready to be used, accessories, easy to wear and combine with any style of dress, both for women as for men. Accessories that give a touch of distinction to the wardrobe: scarves, collars, mittens, fingerless gloves, hats, berets and caps.

We knit with two needles, entirely by hand, being very careful in all the endings. Each and every stitch is part of the whole, twining harmoniously, forming and articulating the mesh design that holds up to itself, becoming a unique garment

We use the yarn that we find in the current market. Natural fibers such as llama and merino wool, blended wool as Manos del Uruguay, pure and blended, and also artificial fibers such as acrylic. Crafted spun, hand dyed and classic yarns from the local production. When we make the selection we tend to choose traditional textures looking for balance between quality and price.

We hope you find in our shop the accessory you are looking for.

Thank you for visiting our shop!